Individual Assignments




Individual Assignment #1:  Creating a Web Page using HTML

Assigned: Dec. 5 -- Workshop 1
Due: Dec. 12 -- Workshop 2

Write a web page from scratch using the HTML handout from class as well as the website.  As discussed in class, "from scratch" means that you should create your HTML file using a text editor (e.g., Microsoft Notepad), not a web authoring tool (e.g., Front Page, Dream weaver). You can use authoring tools to inspect and debug your code. Turn in your final HTML code. It should demonstrate the use of  all tags covered during the first workshop.

The content of your web page should describe the results from your learning team research. This part of the assignment was based on a suggestion by a student to which the entire class agreed.


Individual Assignment #2:  Adding Tables and Frames

Assigned: Dec. 12 -- Workshop 2
Due: Dec. 19 -- Workshop 3
  1. Extend the website that you coded last week to include the remaining tags from the HTML handout. Specifically, add tables and frames to your web page. Again, code the HTML by hand using any text editor. Do not start by using an authoring tool and modifying the HTML. The content of your web page should describe the results from your learning team research.

  2. As you create your web page, periodically use HTML Tidy to check if for well-formed syntax and formatting. Tidy is available at the site (click on HTML on the left hand side).


Individual Assignment #3:  JavaScript or CSS

Assigned: Dec. 19 -- Workshop 3
Due: Jaan. 02 -- Workshop 4


This assignment is closely coupled with the learning team assignment. Within each team (e.g., CSS, JavaScript), each team member will write one page about a particular aspect of the team's assigned topic. Each student must pick a different aspect of the teams' broad technology.

For example,

  • JavaScipt sub-topics include  variables, syntax, expressions, and server side issues.

  • CSS subtopics include technical overview, website organization (i.e., how single style sheet(s) applies to all pages), using two or more CSS files at the same time (i.e., cascading effect).


Individual Assignment #4:  Preparation for Final Project

Assigned: Jan. 02 -- Workshop 4
Due: Jan. 09 -- Workshop 5

In keeping with the wishes of the class, everyone should focus on contributing towards their learning team's website development during this last week. Since the syllabus states that Individual Assignment #4 is worth 15% of the final grade, each student should turn in his or her contribution [to the team's website] as an individual assignment.

You should pick one of two options:

  • (a) Create a new page for Individual Assignment #4 and donate it to your team. If this option is chosen, you should pick any course topic for which no previous assignment was submitted. For example, if your team was assigned CSS last week, choose JavaScript this week.


  • (b) repackage previously developed material from previous weeks. Perhaps you have already created a lot of web pages for your team. In this case, document your work for this week that helps the team pull the final presentation together. For example, you could develop the "splash" page and table of contents for the team's website. This is a contribution.

The course topics and final project are described in the Learning Team assignments section of this website.  Call me at (813) 991-0177 if you have questions.  It was a pleasure having you in class.