B2B E-Commerce Marketplace

CASE STUDY: www.CommerceOne.com sells software that helps companies integrate applications and conduct B2B e-commerce. They have been so successful, that Commerce One's proprietary B2B e-commerce XML standard (cXML) has become a defacto standard for B2B e-commerce. The critical mass companies that has implemented cXML means that each new company that buys into this "standard" can immediately conduct e-commerce business with all other companies. Thus, Commerce One has created a digital marketplace based upon wide adoption of  their  cXML standard for interoperability among information systems.

UML Examples

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is an emerging standard gaining wide-spread popularity. It covers many areas of modeling. (Recall that modeling and analysis are part of the 2nd stage of the SDLC (system development lifecycle)). Here are two examples called interaction diagrams that model dynamic system behavior as interactions between actors (people and applications).

example_1 and example_2

Requirements Analysis Matrix

This matrix is used to evaluate vendors and products with respect to detailed lists of requirements.